Mutsumi Sato's
Love, Light and Joy
Energy Field Healing

To Become Your True Self

I, Mutsumi Sato was born in Japan and spent more than 15 years in the UK as a history postgraduate and a teacher for Japanese students in Chiswick, London. In 1998, I was struck by a grave illness and nearly lost my life. After recovering from an emergency operation, I experienced Christ Consicousness in the next year. Since then, the sensation of the Consicouness had continued visiting me for 7 years. During the transition phase, my life's focus shifted dramatically from history/academic/intellectual life to the one more concentrating on "here and now" and on healing work which can contribute not only on my clients' personal level but also as a universal purpose.

I speak fluent English and
your healing session can be held both in English and Japanese.
I will give you very practical help to your personal problems.

if you are suffering from

emotional and physical pain
lack of direction in your life
lack of concentration at work or study
Mother Issues

Treat Yourself with
Reiki, EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Bach Flower Remedies.

I also produce Original Essences
from Rose Flowers and Japanese Plants

My extensive knowledge of the field and intuition help you
to find your true self and the calmness and freshness of spirit,
which you already have had within you from the beginning of the universe.


I practice private healing session and workshop in Tokyo and Kanagawa area
near Tamagawa Gakuen-mae station on the Odakyu line.
MAP (Japanese)
(If you cannot read Japanese, please don't hesitate to ask me how to get to my place! :)
for an initial consultation, please contact me at the email addresses below.

If you would like to receive emails written in English with the latest news regarding my healing activities, please send a email to: info@love-light-joy.com

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

* Please note:
I may refuse to accept male clients, unless introduced by my friends or clients.

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